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Tooth root abscess

A tooth root abscess is a severe infection that develops around the root of a tooth. It usually occurs as a result of bacteria entering through a broken or traumatised tooth.

Many dogs may not show obvious signs like the swelling seen below the eye in this patient, which is quite a severe case of a tooth root abscess. Owners may notice a reluctance to chew on toys, pulling their head away when touched, chewing on one side only, or dropping food when chewing, Some owners may also notice foul breath or the dog pawing at one side of the face or rubbing it on the ground.

A tooth root abscess is a very painful condition and needs treatment as soon as possible. Usually, this will mean the extraction of the affected tooth under general anaesthesia.

It is important to have a dental assessment for your pet at least every 6 months to prevent teeth from getting to this stage. We offer free dental assessments at our clinic so pop in for a visit

See images and videos of the affected teeth and the amount of pus drained from the area after the affected tooth was extracted by following our Instagram link:

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