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premium ultrasound

Honeydew Animal Clinic offers state of the art medical technology.
Ultrasound examinations are non-invasive evaluations of the structure of your dog or cat’s internal organs. This diagnostic tool is accurate and pain-free. Our veterinarians use ultrasounds to determine if there are possible abnormalities in your pet’s liver, kidney and other organs, and to detect any stones, or tumours that may not be visible on radiographs.


  • Echocardiology

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Ophthalmology - Anterior & Posterior chambers

  • Abdominal - Liver, spleen, kidney, bladder, adrenals & digestive tract

Digital radiography

digital radiography

Radiography serves as one of the most common diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine.

At Honeydew Animal Clinic, we use an enhanced digital X-ray unit to examine a pet’s internal structures, including the bones, heart, lungs, abdomen, and other areas.

This technology allows us to diagnose a number of conditions, including fractures, foreign bodies, and tumours.

X-rays provide real-time results, in a manner that is less stressful for your pet. 



Animal owners are increasingly keen to ensure that examinations, treatment and if necessary surgery for the animal patient is performed as atraumatically as possible. Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the examiner to look within an organ or body cavity and gain diagnostic information, which includes grossly evaluating an area of interest and obtaining tissue for histopathologic evaluation.

 Full in-house laboratory

full in-house laboratory

We use our own state of the art fully equipped in-house lab resources to secure rapid diagnostic information.
Full blood, Electrolytes, Liver and Kidney tests.
Pre-anaesthesia evaluation
Dermatology tests, skin scrapes, fine needle aspirates, impression smears, faecal exams, Urinalysis.
Feline leukemia virus / feline immunodeficiency virus 

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