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Everted laryngeal saccules

Everted laryngeal saccules occur in dogs due to the pressure associated with the increased respiratory effort caused by the stenotic nares and/or the elongated soft palate as discussed previously.

Laryngeal saccules are small sacs or pouches that are located in the larynx just in front of the vocal cords. Brachycephalic dogs must work harder to fill their lungs with air which causes these saccules to evert or be pulled

into the airway and partially obstruct airflow.

The treatment for this problem is to remove the saccule tissue. The surgery is usually done in combination with correcting stenotic nares and shortening an elongated soft palate.

The earlier the abnormalities associated with brachycephalic syndrome are corrected, the better the outcome. The condition worsens over time and can cause other abnormalities. Dogs that undergo this procedure show great improvement in breathing, exercise tolerance and overall quality of life.

If you would like to know if your dog/cat will benefit from this procedure you are welcome to visit us for a consultation.

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