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Meet the team - Jocelyn

Meet Jocelyn, our friendly, fiery redhead in the clinic, and yes that is her natural hair color. You may know her best from the reception desk but she does a lot more

behind the scenes. She does all orders, makes sure the pharmacy is stocked to each veterinarian's liking, and does her best to keep owners happy by having all their dispensing needs seen to.

Jocelyn was born and raised in Alberton and drives to work from there every day. She has been working in the veterinary industry for almost 8 years. She gets super

excited when any German Shepherd or cute dog walks through the door. Her house is filled with rescue dogs, each with a unique story.

What she enjoys most about working in the clinic is learning more about the various diseases and treatments and that she can smell a gastro dog from a mile away.

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